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Five keys to manifesting your dreams

I'm often inspired by many of my clients, and the remarkable successes recently achieved by one of them prompted me to write this in the hope it'll help others.

Meet Cath (not her real name), a woman who I have been coaching over the past few months.

Cath has gone through some phenomenal changes in a short space of time, so much so that I often refer to her as the ‘Master Manifester’ because that is exactly what she does.

She initially came to me to support her in reaching her goal to lose weight for her wedding day, but her transformation has gone beyond the mere physical.

Not only has she lost centimetres and dropped dress sizes, but she has also gone on to manifesting the home of her dreams 300 kilometres away from where she lives.  Not an easy feat!  However, Cath not only bought the house, but she bought at a price that was under the market valuation.  She then went on to securing her dream job in less than a week, which comes with some bonus extras and incentives added in.  

Most people would feel more than satisfied achieving one of these lofty goals, but Cath has ticked them all off, within a few months!

Coaching her, you get the feeling that she’s got some magic formula going on so I asked her recently – “if you were to bottle the secret ingredients to manifesting – what would you put in that bottle?” 

The following list is a combination of what she came up with and what I have noticed in Cath as well as others that are great at making things happen in their life.

1. Clarity

Cath is really clear about what she wants. Each time we talk, I know she has a clear vision of what she’s after and exactly what it looks like for her. She is never wishy-washy about this and she can articulate it beautifully to the most minute detail. She also knows why she wants it, why it’s important to her so her goals are very much aligned to the broader vision she has for herself and her life.

2. Focus

With a clear vision comes focus.  Cath is never side-tracked from what she really wants and she doesn’t compromise on second best.  When things don’t happen quickly, she is patient enough to wait it out, until she gets what she wants.  How many of us are so eager for the outcome that we settle for second best?  Not Cath.

3. Determined Action

If you are always waiting for things to come to you, you may be waiting a long time.  Cath takes massive action and is always prepared for when an opportunity arises.  She doesn’t just put her dreams out to the universe and sit back until it’s delivered. She actually takes steps to make it happen and shows great determination to follow through on her commitments.

4. Trust

In taking action, she listens carefully and trusts her gut instinct. She knows not to make decisions from an overactive head space. Instead, she waits.  She quietens down until she can clearly hear/feel what she needs to do next, and she acts from there.  She trusts her instinct (or what I like to call her internal navigating system) and she believes that things will work out fine.

5. Gratitude

Lastly, I’ve noticed when coaching Cath that she shows immense gratitude for what she achieves. She recognises how lucky she is and acknowledges all the great things in her life. Gratitude is an amazing tool for raising your vibration and creating an overall positive feeling.  Appreciating what you already have is a must if you want to attract even more into your life.

So, there you have it!  Cath’s ingredients to manifesting some pretty incredible goals in a very short space of time.

I don’t know what she will create next, but I do know that with her magic formula anything is possible!


Working with a coach can also help you to achieve your goals, providing you with greater clarity and focus and supporting you to take action and stay accountable to your plan. Contact me to get started.

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