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Expand your mind - add a zero!

I was listening to a podcast recently by a man named Tyson Franklin where he recounted a recent experience he had, which totally blew him away in terms of setting goals for his life and business.

At a workshop he attended, he was asked to set a financial goal of what he wanted to achieve over the next financial year and outline the actions that he needed to complete in order to reach this goal.

Once the exercise was completed, the facilitator then asked the attendees to look at their $$ goal and add a zero to it and then repeat the task of setting actions to achieve this new goal.

Tyson was astounded by the result in his level of thinking.

While the new goal was financially ‘unrealistic’ within the 12-month time frame, the list of actions it would take to achieve this larger goal completely expanded his mind and his thinking. He came up with activities he would never have considered doing for his first goal and this simple change of focus, resulted in some dramatic improvements in his financial numbers at the end of the year.

Key Take Away:

When setting goals, it’s important not to limit yourself and your potential. Focus on goals that stretch and challenge you and expand your thinking further.


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