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Emerging Leaders


Develop the tools, skills and mindset
to lead with confidence

Today's workplaces need leaders that have a strong understanding of themselves and others.

By developing emotional intelligence and creating an "above the line" mindset, leaders develop the confidence to lead teams through complex and ever-changing environments.

This training programme has been created specifically for supervisors, team leaders and managers from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of learning styles in mind.


The programme has been running in the Food and Fibre sector since 2000 and has proven to increase outcomes in 7 key areas including:

- confidence

- leadership tools and strategies and

- wellbeing


* Data presented here is based on 2021 Pilot within the Dairy Industry

Programme Details
Dairy Farmer

"I definitely recommend this course.
A life changer!"

- Participant feedback 2021

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  • Bite-sized daily learning via a smartphone app

  • Peer to Peer workshops - both face-to-face and online.

  • Personalised coaching to help you apply the learning to your unique situation

  • 180/360 feedback survey to assess your strengths and development areas.  

  • Regular support throughout the programme

All participants receive a certificate at the end of the programme to demonstrate the completion of the learning.

This programme was initially developed in partnership with the Workplace Design research programme at DairyNZ. 

Are you the right fit?

To get the most out of this programme, participants should:

  • be currently leading a team

  • have a genuine desire to develop their leadership skills and mindset

  • be able to navigate technology (both online and smartphone)

  • have a growth mindset and be open to learning 

  • committed to completing the programme*

* To complete the course successfully takes around 15 minutes of daily learning (Mon-Fri) over a 3 month period plus 5 short assignments (approx 30 minutes each).

Participants are encouraged to keep up with the course by completing the daily bite-sized learning lessons which will aid retention and recall and make learning more manageable.

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To view results within the Horticulture Sector download the case study (above)

Effective leaders are great communicators. They can view situations from multiple points of view and they build strong relationships based on respect and trust.

Programme Aims


Participants completing this programme will develop the skills, tools and confidence to lead themselves and others more effectively. 


Specifically, they will learn:


  • Self-awareness: the foundation of emotional intelligence and self-leadership

  • Self-management: understand and manage your emotions to achieve results

  • Social awareness: grow your skills to connect and engage at all levels

  • Relationship management: to build trust, influence others, and lead high-performing teams.

Four stages to Transformational Leadership


Learning outcomes


By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

  • Increase self-awareness of strengths and areas to improve (values, motivations, behaviours, and triggers).

  • Develop a toolkit of strategies that can be used to manage emotions and be more resilient.

  • Understand how to motivate and impact others through appreciation and empathy.

  • Enhance communication skills and teamwork.

  • Develop a positive mindset focused on growth, learning, and curiosity

  • Understand and enhance the skills of delegation, communication and resolving conflict.

  • Increase confidence to handle a variety of situations leading to improved levels of job satisfaction and overall wellbeing at work.

Participant feedback:


We are continuously humbled by the transformations we have witnessed and the feedback we receive about the programme. 

"I think everyone should do this training. I have gained so much which has benefitted me greatly both personally and at work. I think this training is especially important for dairy farming, the training has allowed me to better deal with the pressures of farming and working in a diverse workplace."

"For people who have never encountered any of these learnings before it will be very beneficial to their career progression."

"This course improves you as a person."



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