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Leading with

Emotional Intelligence


Effective leadership requires
emotional management and people skills

No doubt, you’ve seen great managers in action and were blown away by their leadership qualities and their ability to connect with their team.

If there's one magic ingredient that makes leaders great - it's a high level of emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ).

No matter your age or position within the business, it’s never too late to give your EQ a boost, and the research clearly shows:


Leaders with high EQ are more effective at leading high-performing teams and enjoy more well-being and happiness at work.

Programme Details


Leaders are being challenged with more than they’ve ever managed before, all against the backdrop of economic uncertainty, constant change, and a future that no one can predict.

Emerging Leaders is an emotional intelligence, soft skills, and leadership development programme for professionals within the rural sector.

We support leaders to create an "above the line", growth mindset, leaders and give them the tools to navigate the complex and ever-changing work environment.


This course provides practical tools and has been developed to address the unique needs of diverse learners.

Programme Aims

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

  • Increase self-awareness and develop a growth mindset.

  • Develop techniques to manage emotions, and increase resilience and well-being.

  • Understand diversity, and lead with empathy and appreciation.

  • Develop core skills: communication, conflict resolution and delegation.

  • Learn how to coach and empower the team.

  • Understand how to build trust and drive accountability.

  • Increase confidence to handle a variety of challenging situations at work.

Who is this programme for?


The programme is best suited for someone who is already in a leadership role as they are best placed to try out the strategies at work.​ 

  • Early career, a new leader who works with other team leaders and is responsible for a small team and managing external networks (e.g. contractors)

  • Mid-career, operational leader or manager (accountable for influencing other team leaders and external stakeholders), who wants to refresh their leadership skills.

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"A fantastic Leadership program for companies and individuals to embark on. Gained personally more knowledge and skills to practice to be a better leader. Plan to continue learning in this area."


(Farm Investment Manager, Tasmania)

Bite-sized Microlearning

15-20 mins of daily learning on the four areas of Emotional Intelligence

- Self Awareness

- Self Management

- Social Awareness

- Social Management

Bite-sized learning helps with retention and is easily incorporated into daily life.

Interactive and engaging, appealing to diverse learners.

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Peer to Peer Workshops
Personalised Coaching

The interactive peer-to-peer sessions enable participants to interact with each other and discuss, learn and share.

Topics include conflict resolution, resilience strategies, performance coaching and delegation.


Includes 180/360 feedback.


Programme Impact

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Participant Feedback

The course is an excellent way to increase your knowledge and skills in emotional intelligence. The course is delivered in an engaging manner, with group sessions, EdApp lessons, and coaching sessions. The knowledge gained through completing the course will improve your leadership skills and abilities to manage your relationships with others by giving you real-life tools and learning how to use them effectively.



(Dairy Manager, Ashburton)

This course opened my eyes to how we interact with others because people who learn to understand emotional intelligence, inspire and motivate others. I had a great time doing this course and the team is wonderful, they were always there to help us out.


(Manager, Nelson)


The information provided is beneficial for anyone, even if you are more senior or just starting your career. The teaching techniques are fabulous, going from group exercises to video conferences, presentations, apps, videos, and even one-to-one coaching!


(Horticulture Manager, Nelson)

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