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Emotional Intelligence

Leadership requires great people skills

No doubt, you’ve seen great managers in action and were blown away by their leadership qualities and their ability to connect with their team.

If there's one magic ingredient that makes leaders great - it's a high level of emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ).

A high level of emotional intelligence (AKA emotional quotient or EQ).

No matter your age or position within the business, it’s never too late to give your EQ a boost, and the research clearly shows that leaders with high EQ are more effective and leading high performing teams and enjoy more wellbeing and happiness at work.

Negative emotions at work

  • narrow our thinking

  • limit our interpretation of events

  • reduce linear conscious processing

  • cause reactionary behaviour (fight or flight)

  • make us shrink from opportunities

  • cause disengagement

  • are more easily triggered

  • result in reduced performance.

Positive emotions at work

  • more rational creative problem solving

  • openness to new ideas

  • willingness to try difficult things and develop new solutions

  • highly engaged behaviour

  • a less risk-averse mindset 

  • deeper thinking about issues

  • increased interest and learning.

Ready to discover your EQ and develop it?

Programme Details

The beauty of this programme is that it can be offered one to one, or to an entire team. Some organisations use it as a training programme and others as a mentoring programme for managers or team members on a one to one basis.

And while it’s 100% created to fit your needs, it does have some core components:

EQ Assessment - self-assessment, 180 or 360

Delivered online to get a snapshot of focus areas and possible blind spots.

Workshop or one to one learning of EQ and mindset 

To improve your own, you need to understand a bit of the science behind emotional intelligence. Through this learning, gain a deep understanding of how the brain works and how emotions are generated. Then learn how to develop your own skills and apply this learning back on the job.

These sessions can be run for small groups or personalised to suit an individual.

Personalised coaching and mentoring

Now we get personal. It’s time to address the unique challenges experienced in your workplace. Through our one to one conversations, you have a confidential, safe space to come up with ways to handle specific challenges.

The Programme aims to:

  • give you a benchmark of your current EQ strengths and areas to develop.

  • provide you with an understanding of the importance of emotions and the neuroscience of emotions and the mind.

  • teach you practical strategies to manage emotions.

  • offer you personalised coaching to address your areas for development.

  • assist you to embed new, useful leadership qualities and behaviours in your day to day work life.

On completion of the programme you will:

  • understand your strengths, weaknesses, values, triggers and blind spots.

  • develop tools, techniques and strategies to manage your emotions and motivate others.

  • find solutions to fit the challenges you face within your work environment.

  • feel confident to lead with authenticity and inspire performance in others.

Team Meeting

“We’ve worked hard on having a positive, productive and enjoyable working environment, so are always looking for ways to build on this. 


We heard about coaching; how it can help people to get the best out of themselves, by helping them to deal with challenges that may have been holding them back, to recognise their strengths and weaknesses so that they can find a better focus. 

We want our staff to be able to wring the maximum satisfaction out of being here and doing what they do.  Coaching with Sha has certainly assisted that.”


John Armstrong


Armstrong Murry