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Kids Blowing Bubbles


Empowering young hearts to thrive through change

About the Programme

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Programme Aims

Our Heart-to-Heart Programme is all about supporting young hearts and minds as they navigate life's twists and turns with a smile! 🌟

Growing up isn't always rainbows and sunshine. That's why we're here to lend a hand, a listening ear, and a whole lot of tools to help children truly feel supercharged and ready to take on whatever comes their way!

We're here to help them understand their feelings, handle change, and build up their resilience for all of life's adventures, big and small.

And here's the coolest part: we use art to help connect with your child on a whole new level! 🎨✨

Whether it's painting their feelings, sculpting their dreams, or doodling their worries away, art is our secret weapon for helping young minds express themselves and discover their inner strength.

So, whether your child is feeling nervous about a big move, navigating some changes in family dynamics or just needs to feel empowered to handle situations with ease—we're here to be that friendly face, that listening ear, and give them plenty of practical tools to help!

Join us on this adventure toward emotional resilience and empowerment.

Let's navigate life's twists and turns with courage, creativity and a whole lot of heart!  🚀✨

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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

- Henry Ward Beecher

8-week Emotional Resilience Programme (Virtual)

Discover our unique online program dedicated to nurturing emotional resilience in children aged 10-12 years.


Our interactive sessions, led by skilled coaches, empower kids with essential life skills to confidently face life's challenges.


Through engaging activities and discussions, children explore emotions, learn practical coping strategies, and develop the mindset needed for resilience.


Join us on this transformative journey to equip children with the tools they need to thrive emotionally, regardless of the obstacles that get in their way.

Topics include:

  • Understanding emotions

  • Identifying strengths and coping skills

  • Building resilience

  • Managing negative thoughts

  • Cultivating gratitude

  • Navigating change and transition

  • Building support networks

  • Reflection and celebration

We start the programme with an introductory 30-minute session with parents to align goals and set expectations.


All sessions are an hour long and conducted via Zoom. Each session includes activities for engagement and learning through creativity. Follow-on activities throughout the week to reinforce learning.

The course includes a workbook, resources and art material (crayons and felts).

Maximum course number: 5 students

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A "heart to heart" is an expression used to describe a sincere and honest conversation between two people.


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The origin of the phrase heart-to-heart is unclear, but it seems to have emerged in the mid-19th century in English literature. It is based on the idea that the heart is the seat of emotions and the source of sincerity.

Meet your instructor

Hi. I'm Sha. A former teacher turned mindset and leadership coach with a passion for nurturing emotional intelligence in adults and young people alike.

With years of experience coaching adults to manage their emotions and cultivate resilience, I've now set my sights on also empowering the next generation, as I've seen first-hand the impact of the pace of change on our youth.


Drawing on my background in teaching and coaching, I've developed innovative programmes that blend emotional intelligence skills with creative expression through art.

My mission?

To equip young minds with the tools needed to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.


Through personalised coaching and engaging activities, I'm dedicated to building strong foundations of emotional resilience in children, helping them thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Join me on this journey as we unlock the full potential of our children, one heart and mind at a time.

Read my professional bio.

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

- Thomas Merton

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