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We offer targeted programmes to grow leadership capability and confidence

We specialise in developing emotional intelligence and essential "soft" skills to support self-leadership and effective people management

All high performing teams have one thing in common.


A great leader.


Yet developing a natural ability to lead isn't a given. For most, it takes effort and requires support. 

Your people need something different. An approach that creates real and lasting change. Something that's personalised for your leaders and the real issues they face.

We offer a number of proven programmes that support leaders to perform at their best.

Our Training Programmes


Emotional resilience programme for children.

Emerging Leaders

For frontline leaders, supervisors, team leaders and 2ICs 

To develop the skills, tools and mindset to lead with confidence.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

For team leaders and managers

To develop emotional intelligence, communication skills and the ability to influence and motivate your team

Manager as Coach

For team leaders and managers

To increase team productivity and engagement.


"Our work together helped crystalise my thinking and gave me a clear direction. I found the whole experience useful but also a valuable space to evaluate and reflect on my leadership."

Carol Jarret

Senior Manager

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