"I help you to connect back to a clear, calm and creative state of mind so that you can thrive at work and enjoy life to the fullest"


Hi.  I know that life is full of questions and the good news is that’s okay as you already have all the answers. It’s my job to work with you to show you where to look and find them.

Whether you have a grand plan for the future or you’re struggling with everyday life; whether you want to step outside your comfort zone or simply be happier in your own skin, I’m here to expand your awareness, clarify your thinking and support you to take action.

Your state of mind at any given moment is the hidden variable in your life – whether at home, at work, or at play.

People who work with me become stronger leaders, enjoy better relationships, think clearer, feel calmer and enjoy life a whole lot more.


The Power of You

You may not always see it (or believe it), but you have all the resources you need to create the life you want.  The fact that we all have access to this inner resilience, creativity, confidence and wisdom is often forgotten.

When you look in a different direction for your answers, you harness your potential and make it work for you.

The Power of Coaching

My approach is simple and grounded in the everyday.

I get to know you, your business, your leadership, your life.  I show you how to find the true you and point you in a direction that shows you the answers you are looking for.

Coaching is a powerful solution-focused, strengths-based approach. Working together we’ll co-create a partnership to help you:

  • overcome challenges

  • identify opportunities

  • eliminate fears and

  • take action towards achieving your goals and dreams. 


You’ll feel more energised, happier and ready to wake up to your world.

It's time to get unstuck from your current situation and see your life with "fresh eyes".  Beautiful things happen when you see beyond the self-created stories, challenges and beliefs and reconnect to who you really are.


Next step

Once you are 'unstuck' and back into living a full and satisfying life, you can really step into the Game of Life and achieve the big goals that you never thought possible!


Sha Perera is an Auckland based coach, educator, and facilitator, specialising in leadership development, well-being and performance.


She has over 20 years of experience in business, communications and education, including roles responsible for leading both her own team and cross-functional teams.


Using her love of neuroscience and the psychology of the mind, Sha support leaders, managers and organisations to develop the vital skills required to create emotionally friendly workplaces, where people learn, thrive and adapt effectively to the changing world of work.


As a faculty member of Coach Masters Academy (CMA), Sha is involved in training, mentoring and coaching leaders and managers to become fully certified coaches.


Sha has always been curious as to why some people thrive in certain situations and others don’t. This curiosity has led to a keen interest in how the mind works.  She believes that the #1 differentiator in performance and well-being is your state of mind and she supports clients to develop emotional intelligence and the mindset required to achieve success both personally and professionally.


As a professional coach, Sha is an expert at drawing out the best in people and her coaching style is grounded in positive psychology, using the strengths of the individual to create desired outcomes and sustainable change.


With a warm, natural style and an exceptional ability to listen deeply, Sha easily connects with a diverse range of individuals and teams.  

In her role as a Fellow Coach for BetterUp, she has coached leaders from a wide range of organisations such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.

Programmes offered:

Professional Qualifications:

  • International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence 360 tool accredited

  • Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Auckland

  • Bachelor of Business Studies, Massey University


I have worked with clients from a range of sectors and organisations

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