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What is coaching?

When you are just starting out in business it seems like committing business hari-kari to turn away a potential customer, but that’s exactly what I did this week.

My first session is an opportunity for them to experience what coaching is like, for both parties to establish a connection, and a chance for me to find out exactly what they want to achieve and why they haven’t got there yet (i.e. what’s holding them back).

The ‘Discovery Session’ I held this week ticked most of these boxes. She was open and expressive and the outcome she wanted was clearly defined. But something didn’t feel right. I sensed an urgency in her to find answers and a preference to be told what to do.

So, I called her up on it – and sure enough she admitted that she wanted me to give her the ‘instruction manual’ or the ‘how to’ one-page document to take away.

That’s when I knew that coaching wasn’t for her and that any coach who did what she wanted would be doing her a great disservice.

See, real coaching just doesn’t work that way and a good coach isn't there to "fix" anyone. A good coach believes in their client. They know their client has all the answers within them, and that through the process of listening deeply and asking the right questions, they can navigate the client towards a more engaged and compelling future.

I see coaching as a dance between coach and client. Each week, we partner up and delve a bit deeper to discover more about the situation, the limiting beliefs, the blocks to progress and we gently unravel these together.

Real coaching is about creating sustainable changes, rather than offering quick fix, band-aid solutions. Coaches are experts at the process of changing behaviour, which is much more valuable to the client than simply giving instructions.

Contact me and book in a Discovery Session to find out how coaching can support you to get unstuck, reach your goals and live a life of full of potential and new opportunities.

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