Topic ideas for coaching

Generally all clients come to a coaching session with a topic in mind - usually something that is keeping them stuck, or something they would like more clarity around. Often it involves some action they would like to take or a belief or fear that may be holding them back.

Here are some examples of coaching topics that I have had experience coaching on. While the topic may be similar from client to client, the content and outcome of the sessions are unique to the individual.

  • Getting off to a great start in a new job

  • Freeing up time to take on a new project

  • Increasing effectiveness in the workplace

  • Dealing with overwhelm and busyness

  • Being an effective supervisor/team leader or manager (values, authenticism, talents, and effectiveness)

  • Sorting through challenges; a place to think out loud

  • Completing a project in less time than forecasted

  • Improving team meetings

  • Organising and getting started on a new project

  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to accomplishing projects

  • Becoming a better listener or mentor

  • Clarifying expectations between team members and with management

  • Being seen as a team player

  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing a large project

  • Improving the effectiveness of a leadership team

  • Career exploration

  • Improving health and well-being

  • Developing curriculum for a new class

  • Speaking more effectively in group settings

  • Confronting important issues in the workplace

  • Rediscovering passion and joy in work

  • Understanding and working through cultural differences

  • Cleaning up clutter to get organised

  • Getting a handle on priorities and effective use of time

  • Creating a powerful team

  • Working through self imposed restraints

  • Balancing work and family

  • Showing and expressing feelings; being more vulnerable in the workplace.

What would make a huge difference in your life if you went to work on it?


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