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Topic ideas for coaching

Generally all clients come to a coaching session with a topic in mind - usually something that is keeping them stuck, or something they would like more clarity around. Often it involves some action they would like to take or a belief or fear that may be holding them back.

Here are some examples of coaching topics that I have had experience coaching on. While the topic may be similar from client to client, the content and outcome of the sessions are unique to the individual.

  • Exploring ways to improve communications

  • Facing fears of conflict and emotional reactions in oneself and others

  • Finding solutions for dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Strengthening relationships at work and home

  • Articulating desires and visions, both personally and professionally

  • Managing stress and well-being to maximize energy

  • Sorting through difficult decisions

  • Experiencing greater fulfillment and success

  • Dealing with work and life changes

  • Leading through changes in the organization and in the world

  • Inspiring greater team performance

  • Aligning leadership teams

  • Shifting the corporate culture

  • Increasing employee engagement throughout the organisation

  • Identifying development paths, both preparing for and succeeding in new roles

What would make a huge difference in your life if you went to work on it?

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