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Reinventing your 'self'

We all have thoughts and beliefs about who we are and our personalities. Shy, extrovert, aggressive, adventurous, needy, dramatic – and the list goes on! These ideas of who we are and who we "should be" end up shaping our life experience and not always in a positive and enriching way.

But when you truly realise that your personality is just "made up", then you are free to reinvent yourself. After all, you invented your ‘self’ to begin with so you also have the power to change it in any way you want.

This is an important and powerful realisation that I have come to see recently. Understanding that our personalities and beliefs are self-created is fundamental to bringing about transformation.

Shy, lazy, protective, sensitive, bad with money, failure at relationships … these are all stories we have made up about ourselves, usually during childhood in response to things that we experienced or that scared us.

As you were growing up, when people or situations frightened you and made you feel scared or threatened you in some way, you developed a way of being that made you feel safe. Then, as you stayed in these beliefs of who you are and who others expected you to be, you started living life, day-to-day in this self-created story.

Some of us created a loud, bossy, controlling way of being, while others may have become more shy and reclusive. Both were invented. Your personality is NOT part of your DNA! It is all made up.

And worse still, these masks that we wear were largely made up in early childhood and then again later in our pre-teen and teen years. This personality gets reinforced and strengthened over time to create the ‘self’ that you now identify with.

As I delve further into understanding of the human mind, the more I realise that we make up stuff all the time to keep us ‘safe’ from imaginary happenings!!

So, do you want to continue to be the ME that a five-year-old and a fifteen-year-old made up? Do you really want to live from that perspective? Or is it time to create a more empowering story and reinvent your “self” consciously and creatively?

Contact Sha to begin your transformational journey #reinventyourself #lifecoach

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