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Last piece of the jigsaw

You know that satisfying feeling of popping the last piece of the jigsaw into place?

That was what discovering coaching as a career path was for me.

It's funny now, looking back and realising that all paths were actually leading to this point!

It first started when I was 21 and heading off to my new life in Japan. I had one suitcase (maximum weight 20kg) and about a quarter of that weight was taken up in self development books! I was thirsty for knowledge on how to create a positive, happy life for myself and Wayne Dyer was my guru at the time!

Anyone who knows me well can verify the fact that I am a pretty positive, upbeat, 'glass half full' kind of gal. I was also notorious for openly sharing my 'this is how it works' self-help psychology. As a coach I now understand how futile that was and that real change can only come from insight within the individual.

Next came my involvement in business. From running my own marketing biz, to an online enterprise and even a partnership in a restaurant - my business degree came in handy and I enjoy the thrill of setting something up from scratch and watching it grow and prosper.

When I turned 40, I decided on a new direction. My son was 8 and I was spending time with him at school and seeing what was going on in education. I had the calling! So, I retrained as a teacher and started my journey in education, both as a teacher and mentor to other teachers.

Which has lead me to coaching ...

Finding this career path brings together so much of what I have learned and what I am about. Coaching is not preachy. It's all about helping people to get unstuck and move ahead in any area of their life. It's about relationships and communication and supporting others to gain clarity on their situation so they find the best way forward for themselves. It is so rewarding to help others in this way.

In essence, it is the missing piece in my career puzzle! What has been the missing piece in your puzzle? #findyourpassion #followyourdreams

Interested in coaching? Contact me for a chat and find out how you can get started.

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