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health and wellbeing goals with the help of a life coach

Imagine this. 


Your recent check-up has revealed that you need to make a change in what you're doing. 


If you continue the way you are, it's going to impact your health and lead to a less than desired end result!

So, the time is now.  But let's face it, making changes on your own is not easy.

  • What do you need to do?  

  • Where do you start? 

  • How do you keep committed to making it happen?

Get the support you need

If you've been asked to adjust your habits, take control of your health or make a lifestyle change, help is at hand.

I'm a life coach. And before you start thinking that's not what you need, let me explain how coaching could be exactly the solution you're looking for without realising it!


I partner with you to help:

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • improve mental resilience and general well-being

  • develop more calm, ease and clarity

  • strengthen your mindset

  • establish new habits

  • reignite your spark and gain confidence

  • examine unhelpful behaviours, triggers and actions

  • develop action plans and

  • stay accountable to change.

Increase health, happiness and satisfaction!

How is Coaching different to Counselling?



To help people who are mentally healthy to achieve their goals, stay motivated, explore options, change mindsets and overcome  challenges


  • Begins with the goal

  • Deals with creating a better situation

  • Moves from current situation to desirable future

  • Professional coaches follow ethical guidelines, confidentiality and strict boundaries.



To help people address and solve problems

and move towards healing from

trauma, mood disorders, addictions

and more.


  • Begins with the problem

  • Deals with emotional problems

  • Often deals with past experiences and focuses on the healing process

  • Professional counsellors follow ethical guidelines, confidentiality and strict boundaries.

Overcome barriers

Strengthen your mindset

Make positive changes in your life



"People have noticed a change in me and I put it down to the change in my thought process and perspective.

I've told everyone about our coaching and the positive impact it's had on me, and that it was always within me, I just needed some help to bring it out."

- Ruth Turner

It's easy to get lost discovering the way forward.  That's when working with a life coach can help you gain the clarity you need to make progress.

Using motivational strategies, positive psychology and behaviour change theory, I empower you to create changes that last. 

Together, you and I address the challenges and roadblocks that come up and create a plan of action towards your goals.

I'm here to provide you with the structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration that will enable you to learn, grow and reach your goals.

















"I found Sha to be very useful not only in terms of asking open-ended questions to help me make a decision but also to deal with situations in my current workplace as well as personal life. 


She is very understanding, non-judgemental, and is always there to help no matter what."

- Chris Dayaram, Risk Analyst

Life Coach Sha Perera, Auckland


I've been a professional coach for over four years, but helping others has been in my blood for a lot longer.

As a mum, a sister, a daughter, an ex-teacher, a business owner, a divorcee and solo parent (and then starting again in a new relationship) - I've gone through my fair share of transitions and had many roles where I've supported others through life's challenges. 

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Making lifestyle changes is tough on your own.


I learned this first-hand when my partner was asked to make some radical changes to his life, because of work-related stress.

While his doctor was able to support him with advice and medication, I worked with him to overcome limiting beliefs and develop the mindset required for change.

Using the coaching process, he not only found a new and more satisfying job, but he also gained a new lease on life, better health, and a more positive outlook.

It's a privilege to help others to get unstuck and make career, life and health adjustments that radically improve their life.

To your good health!

Sha Perera

"Sha is not only a great listener but is also a brilliant facilitator of thoughts.


Like many people, when stressed I can find it really difficult to cut through the fog and process things productively.


With Sha helping me to navigate my thoughts, ramblings and perceptions we were able to collaboratively put together strategies and tools that continue to help me work towards my goals." 

- Michelle Saspa, E-commerce Strategist

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