Be the kind of leader you'd want to report to

If managing and leading others is one of the biggest challenges you face right now, then you’re not alone. Leadership training courses will help you develop technical skills and knowledge. BUT, a one to one approach that helps deal with the real issues you face makes it easier to lead with confidence and get the best out of your team.

Imagine becoming a natural leader. 

You take challenges in your stride because you instinctively know what to do. Your people respect you and feel motivated to do a great job. Your boss is happy with your work and you're officially on that leadership career ladder!

Is this the leader you want to be? 

"I was fortunate to be paired with Sha Perera for six weeks of leadership coaching. Sha provided for me an ideal blend of theory and practicality that provided rationale and suggestions for actions.

She is an exceptional listener which enabled her to quickly grasp my particular work context. This meant Sha was empathetic while at the same time able to ask challenging questions that prompted me to think more critically about my own beliefs and perceptions.

I found the whole experience useful but also a valuable space to evaluate and reflect on my leadership."

- Carol J, Senior Leader

Leadership training - do something great!

Being great at your job doesn't mean you'll be a great leader

You're likely leading a team because of your exceptional technical skills and industry experience. But, it doesn’t make managing people any easier, does it?

It's possible you’ve been promoted and you're now leading your peers. Or maybe you’ve inherited a team that’s far from up to scratch. There’s no doubt it's a tough balancing act hitting those performance targets while mentoring and being available for the team.

I get it, because I've been promoted based on my technical ability. I was thrilled at first, then found leadership was something entirely different. I struggled to make the transition and I often felt like a fraud - like I was winging it. It took me a long time to build confidence and have those difficult conversations.


I went to several leadership training courses. But it's working with a leadership coach that would have made a world of difference to me back then.


I feel like I fake being a leader. I'm making it all up and someone's going to find out.


I have everything I need, but I still feel a bit lost, empty or bored.


It's lonely at the top.  No one really understands the pressure I face on a daily basis.


Let's face it, leadership calls for a very specific skill set

One that requires you to have exceptional people skills, communication, influence and know-how. And above all, you need to build confidence to pull this off.

I’ve worked with hundreds of managers, who just like you, aspire to be a role model for effective leadership. My coaching programmes help support you to be the confident and capable leader you’ve always dreamed of being. 

If you already know what kind of support you need, we might have just the thing.


You can choose one of my tried and tested leadership training programmes designed to build specific skills. While the programme material is structured and delivered over a certain period of time, we’ll use your own real challenges as working examples.  

Or, maybe you just want a sounding board?

Support to help you deal with what’s top of mind on a regular basis? No problem! We’ll use your working examples to develop your leadership skills and mindset over time. 

All my programmes are personalised and can be delivered one to one. So, whether you’re fairly new to leadership or want to be more effective in your role, I’ve got the solution.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

During our sessions, you’ll hone your people skills and learn practical management techniques.


What's more, you’ll work on developing a winning mindset that empowers others and gets the best out of your team.


After all, your state of mind is the #1 differentiator when it comes to workplace performance. So, it makes sense to ensure that your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours are taking you where you want to go.

So, how can a coach help you lead more effectively?

Visualise this …

  • Are personality conflicts getting the team down?  Get some tips on managing negativity and restore team harmony

  • Does poor performance need addressing?  Unhealthy dynamics such as competition, jealousy, and power struggles cause havoc at work.  Book a chat with your coach and formulate a plan of action to address it head-on.

  • Want to share your ideas with more confidence?  Develop an assertive mindset and some strategies to get your point across clearly with the help of your coach.

  • Remote working creating some unique challenges not experienced before?  Reserve some time with your coach to discuss solutions.​

  • Need some help to handle stress and wellbeing?  Your coach is the perfect confidante to help you work through the blockers and create a plan of action.

No wonder that leadership training you attended is hard to apply day-to-day - it's too generic.


On the other hand, coaching works - because it helps you deal with real issues, while strengthening your leadership muscles.

Notice how all these scenarios support you to work through a real problem you're facing?

Ready to get started or curious to learn more?

Let’s talk through the specifics...

“I have worked with other coaches previously and the huge point of difference with Sha is in the detail.


She was fully and completely engaged with me, my work environment, so our coaching sessions felt bespoke and personalised. Would 100% recommend”

- Michelle, E-commerce Strategist

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