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In business, leadership is everything. All high performing teams have one thing in common. A great leader. Yet developing a natural ability to lead isn't a given. For most it takes effort and requires support. I've been there, so I understand the challenges. What's more, I know that most business courses in NZ teach management techniques, but lack the components that help leaders embed new skills.

Your people need something different. An approach that creates real and lasting change. That's why I specialise in personalised development that helps your leaders and their teams deal with real issues they're facing.

I've created two popular programmes which offer two vital skills required in today's workplace: a leadership mindset and emotional intelligence.

Manager as Coach Programme

The Manager as Coach programme supports leaders to be more coach-like when dealing with their team. This requires a mindset that puts people at the centre. One that focuses on the skills required to get the best out of people, empowering them to grow and thrive at work.

Doing more with less has become the new norm. Which highlights the need for people-centred leaders who are able to flex their leadership style to suit the needs of the:

  • situation

  • people, and

  • work environment.

This can be challenging for even the most capable person!

The beauty of this programme is that it gets quick results. Coaching doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out conversation. Often 10 mins of asking the right questions and listening intently can reveal so much. We take you through a step by step process that shows you how to do this.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Programme

The Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme addresses vital soft skills needed to develop relationships and influence others, to get the best out of people.

Developing EQ helps leaders to:

  • increase self-awareness

  • regulate their emotions

  • display empathy and appreciation of others

  • lead with authenticity and influence.

It also enables effortless connection with others to leverage their strengths for maximum impact.

This programme is a must for all workplaces.


It's based on core components, but 100% created to fit your needs.


I've adapted this programme many times to meet the needs of particular organisations including DairyNZ - read the case study.

“We worked with Sha at Emerge and Transform to develop a new approach for engaging early career dairy farmers with the concepts of emotional intelligence and leadership.

We challenged Sha to bring novel techniques for bite-sized remote learning to fit this group of young leaders. She designed and delivered an engaging and 100% online structure that worked well for farmers.

Over the three-month journey, we were impressed by her proactive organisation, empathetic interaction with the participants, and with the delivery of a very successful course.”


-  Callum Eastwood, Senior Scientist – Workplace Design, DairyNZ

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Coaching: an innovative approach that gets results

It's likely you've been on your fair share of business courses in NZ but how many can you honestly say made a real difference? A one or two day workshop can feel inspiring at the time. But once you're back to business as usual, your mindset follows suit.

Leadership has also changed. Being a technical expert and problem solver is not enough. The problems we face these days are too complex for any one person to solve.  So, we now need leaders that understand people, have the right mindset and can bring groups together to solve problems. This requires a very different approach and skillset!

I work with individuals and teams on themselves. Because lasting change can only happen from the inside out. First, you need to understand your mindset - your motivations and barriers. Only then can you work to improve your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.  To achieve this, I embed coaching into the training process.

Without an element of coaching, training is purely intellectual. It's coaching that leads to sustained behaviour change and results!

Flexible programmes adapted to meet the needs of your business

While these structured programmes include core components, I make a point of understanding your business and adapting to your needs. For example, contextualising the content to deal with the specific challenges you face.

Both programmes are designed with groups in mind, but can be tailored and offered on a one to one basis. 

They’re delivered virtually and learning is spread over a few weeks so that the mindset and behaviour change is embedded by the end of our time together.

I also offer leadership coaching and team performance coaching, both of which are 100% bespoke to meet the needs of your business.

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