1:1 coaching to motivate and re-engage your teams

Wellbeing Coaching

My 1:1 coaching programmes are designed to increase the performance of your team by raising self-awareness, a critical component of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.  

By raising awareness, employees learn to pay attention to what they need to deliver to achieve their highest potential.


The coaching also addresses personal issues the client may be experiencing that get in the way of productivity at work.  Through coaching, these are discussed and overcome, thereby enabling a higher performing individual.

The wellbeing of employees improves dramatically when they can address long-standing problems such as overwhelm, procrastination, work/life balance, creating positive workplace relationships and so on.

Coaching Topics

Topics cover a range of wellbeing related topics and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.


  • holistic understanding of self

  • the brain and how it works

  • developing mental resilience

  • maximising energy and raising physical resilience

  • improving personal wellbeing

  • emotional intelligence

  • developing quality relationships