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About The Coaching Relationship

A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience involving the development of new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. The coaching relationship between the Coach and the Client is founded upon mutual trust and respect. The central focus of the coaching relationship is the well-being of the Client.

Fundamental to a successful coaching experience is learning where:

  • The Coach supports the Client in reaching the desired outcome of the Client. 

  • The Coach supports the Client in exploring new ways to view situations, individuals, and possibilities and in developing new approaches, plans, strategies and actions. 

  • This innovation involves learning. At times, the learning may be challenging. 

  • There may be times when the learning involves new discoveries about the way an individual’s own actions play a part in situations the individual wishes to change. 

  • This type of self-discovery can at times be uncomfortable.


Privacy and confidentiality

Subject to the exceptions below, all coaching conversations are confidential, and I will not voluntarily divulge information relayed during a coaching relationship without the written or verbal permission of the Client. We follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics which shall form part of this agreement. 

The exceptions are:

  • Where we are obliged by law to disclose the information you tell us;

  • Where disclosure is required to prevent any illegal activity;

  • Where disclosure of the information will prevent an imminent risk to your safety or to others’ safety; 

  • Where an audio recording may be taken of your coaching session. Where this occurs, we will ask your permission first and you may decline permission. Where you give permission, the audio recording shall be used solely for the purposes of obtaining credentialing for the Coach with ICF or for mentoring purposes for the Coach. Your Coach’s mentor is under similar obligations of confidentiality and is governed by the ICF Code of Ethics. Any audio recordings are held securely on our server and you may ask us to delete such recordings at any time. 

  • Your name and contact details will be retained by the Coach and included in their coaching log submitted to the ICF for the purposes of meeting any credentialing requirements with the ICF. You may be contacted by the ICF to verify you have participated in a coaching session with the Coach. 

  • All personal information disclosed to us will be held in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. You have rights to access and amend any personal information held by us in accordance with the Act. 

  • You agree that we may send you email newsletters telling you about any products or services which we offer, and you have the right to unsubscribe from such email newsletters using the link at the bottom of the email.


The Coaching Arrangement

  • This coaching agreement is between the Coaching Provider and the Client. 

  • The coaching will commence from the date of payment. 

  • Each session will be held at the mutually agreed Session Time unless we agree to reschedule.

  • Except in extenuating circumstances, you must give us 24 hours’ notice of a change to the Session Time otherwise we are under no obligation to reschedule the session. We will not be obliged to refund or credit any charge for missed sessions where due notice of cancellation was not provided.    

  • The total number of sessions is as stated. If you want to increase the number of sessions, please let us know in which case we shall confirm the extension in writing.

  • Sessions will be conducted either in person or via the online platform, Zoom or Skype. You will send you a link to connect to the online session along with a calendar invite, in advance of the session.

  • Sessions may be supplemented by emails as needed until the final session is complete.


Price and payment

  • This coaching package is being offered to the Client at the Total Cost as advertised on the website.

  • Where the Client has a Sponsor, coaching invoices shall be sent to the Sponsor for payment. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the Sponsor pays by the due date. The Client agrees to pay for any sessions not paid by the Sponsor. 

  • Payment terms are as outlined in this document. 

  • We reserve the right to engage debt collection agents to collect any unpaid coaching fees in which case you shall be liable for the fees of the debt collection agent including any court costs incurred. 


You may terminate this agreement before the commencement of any sessions or within 24 hours after the Discovery Session (in other words, this contract is officially in place, 24 hours after the Discovery Session).

We may terminate this agreement immediately where: 

  • you breach any term of this agreement and we have given you 5 days’ notice of the breach and you have failed to remedy it.

  • we decide in our sole discretion that you would be better suited to another coach or the coaching relationship is not working.


Your acknowledgement and agreement 

You understand that: 

  • coaching is not therapy and does not replace the diagnosis of a medical professional. 

  • the coaching process is not designed to provide legal or financial advice – we may refer you to other professionals if we identify this need. 

  • if you want legal advice you must make a separate appointment with the Provider.  

  • you accept full responsibility for all actions you take as a result of the coaching process.  

  • Neither the Provider nor the Coach can be held responsible for any action taken or not taken by you as a result of the coaching. 


You also agree:

  • to be fully present and on time for all coaching conversations.

  • that it is the role of the Coach to manage each session and to assist your progress towards achieving your goal.

  • that you are completely responsible for your own growth and learning.

  • that there may be times in the coaching process where you may confront realisations that may be uncomfortable.

  • that you need not discuss anything you are not comfortable discussing.

  • that you are responsible for your own actions and inactions.

  • that your coaching relationship is a resource and that it is up to you to fully utilise this resource.

  • to communicate any concerns you have about the nature of your coaching relationship, your experience of the coaching relationship, or any interactions with the Coach to the Coach or Coaching Provider.  

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