The greatest untapped resource in your business is your people.


State of Mind and Emotional Intelligence Programmes to

improve Performance, Well-being & Engagement.

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Do you have employees that struggle with motivation and commitment to the organisation?

Would you like them to be more proactive or work better as a team?

Chances are they may be disengaged from the culture of your workplace and this could be for a variety of reasons ...



On the job performance can be affected by a number of factors such as - lack of core skills, poor communication, inability to manage time or other inefficient work practices.

Coaching can support your internal appraisal process to uncover the gaps and discover practical ways to improve performance.



It's hard to get the best out of your team when they are stressed. 


As individuals, the reasons we experience stress are as varied as the coping strategies that work best.


Personalised support through coaching helps find solutions to stress, builds resilience and more balance for individuals.

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Teamwork and Engagement


I support organisations to create emotionally friendly workplaces.


These are environments where there is a high level of emotional intelligence enabling individuals to thrive.


It's no surprise that engaged and happy employees are a great asset for businesses, but research has found that engaged employees that become disengaged can turn into a company's worst nightmare. That's because disengaged employees exhibit many negative and harmful behaviours at work.

Engaged employees, on the other hand, experience more job satisfaction, better performance and overall satisfaction in life.  Additionally, engaged workers are more committed to their employer and less likely to leave the organisation.

They also work harder, are more creative and more committed which in turn improves an organisation's productivity.

In competitive environments, where high levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction are crucial, a positive culture and staff engagement can be a defining factor for success and staff retention.

The benefits of a positive workplace culture and employee engagement can be seen across key areas of the organisation.


<< Reference: Gallup. The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes. (2016) 

research studies across 230 organizations in 49 industries, with employees in 73 countries that included 1,882,131 employees

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Improve Performance

and Productivity

Business leaders need employees that are able to get the job done, effectively and to a high standard, so employee performance is critical to the overall success of the company.  Many organisations use an appraisal process as a consistent and objective method for evaluating employees.  Doing so helps determine strengths, challenges and next steps for the employee's growth and development


One-to-one performance coaching supports the appraisal process and helps the employee to set goals and implement the necessary actions.  It also addresses common blocks experienced in terms of what is currently stopping progress in this area. This conversation and accountability to a coach empowers the employee to succeed in a shorter timeframe than when left to their own implementation plan.


Whether it is improving technical skills (e.g. sales, presentations) or soft skills (e.g. communication, critical thinking, conflict management), coaching can support your team to work smarter and improve their performance and productivity.

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Well-being and Resilience at work


Despite the increased use of technology (which is supposed to make our lives easier), many of us are working longer hours.  There are often critical deadlines to meet, and attention to detail and focus is a prerequisite of many jobs. 

Each day we are faced with a never-ending list of things to do, and the overwhelming pressure to keep it all together.  Added to this are the responsibilities to our families.  It's no wonder that the feelings of mental and emotional exhaustion are commonplace.


Understanding stress and managing it often requires a multi-faceted, personalised approach.  Let's face it, everyone knows about mindfulness and meditation but are they using it?  Is it the right technique for them?  Or are they better to leverage their love of exercise and go for more walks?  Most people know what they need to be doing but implementing it on a consistent basis is another matter!


This is where 1:1 coaching with individuals is most useful.  Through coaching, the unique situation of the individual can be assessed and from there, personalised solutions and strategies can be put in place.  This targeted approach also considers an employee's personal situation and creating a better balance between work and life.


By discovering personalised solutions to common issues such as pressure, procrastination, workplace conflict, communication, work/life balance etc, employees develop the resilience required to maintain their mental and emotional wellbeing and the capacity to focus on their job performance and improve their productivity





We want our staff to be able to wring the maximum satisfaction out of being here and doing what they do.  Coaching has certainly assisted that.



Coaching enabled the team to examine and communicate openly with each other and make change a more positive learning process ... The results created positive change, a shared focus for growth within the Firm.

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