Does the success

of your business

depend on your people?

You know it does. And their level of happiness at work can make or break your business. Yet employee satisfaction is hard to maintain let alone improve. You know that even the smallest change can knock them sideways and change is unavoidable. It takes more than a fun team building session to bring out their best. So, what will it take?

There's no right answer. 


That's because every team is different. Swap out one person in a team and the dynamics change. Bring in a new manager, their world could turn upside down. Change a major process without a huge communication effort - you know how that one goes. Or maybe a group could do with finding better ways to communicate and work together...

I know it.


I've been part of and observed many teams over the years. Every single one was different and their recipe for success never quite the same. That's why I create bespoke team building programmes that work. Because they target the team's specific needs and work on the heart of the issue.

Invest in your leaders to benefit the whole team

  • Do you remember observing or being part of an outstanding team?

  • What made them tick?


I'm guessing they had a great leader who created an environment in which everyone felt valued, heard and supported. But leadership's a tough gig. So, it's not unusual to experience a poor performing or unhappy team.

As you know, it’s not always easy getting your managers to behave in ways that build trust and get the best out of their team. Sure, they have the technical skills. But the people skills (and emotional intelligence) need work.


Plus, you know it’s tough for them - balancing the delivery on objectives with managing the team and meeting critical deadlines.

Some managers have a particularly hard time. As a result, their behaviour can drive a wedge between teams. Or worse, create an environment where psychological safety is compromised. In this case, one to one leadership coaching could deliver fast results if the individual is invested. But, if the situation is delicate or you're concerned about pointing the finger, a group programme could be the answer.


My EQ for Leaders training programme could be a great solution for all your leaders.

No matter what your challenge or concern, I can create a solution that'll shift your headache and improve team performance.

Team building to help teams work well together

Coaching enabled the team to examine and communicate openly with each other and make change a more positive learning process ... The results created positive change and a shared focus for growth within the Firm.

- Stephen Tee, Partner - Morton & Tee

Coaching: the critical factor team building has been missing

So much is out of your control, but you’re often left putting out the fires! What’s most frustrating is seeing the hours of training you’ve invested in, not make the impact you expected.  Why is it that so many training programmes you’ve chosen, don’t hit the mark?

If only you could find a more innovative approach to learning and development. Something that gets the results you want, within budget. A programme that delivers on actions and accountability. One that's adapted to your teams' unique situation and the specific challenges they face.

Well, we all know that learning how to do something is not the same as putting it into action.

Taking action requires a fundamental shift in behaviour and mindset, and that’s when things get difficult. You’ve been there too – changing habits – whether it’s habitual thoughts, feelings or actions. You know it takes time and needs extra support – something that one-off training programmes rarely provide.

This is my starting point.


Working with the team, as a group or one to one, to help them tune into the way they think, what's important and what's getting in their way. If they understand what's really going on, they can resolve the real issue.

Create teams that want to hang out after work

I've worked with teams at all levels - front line, remote working, cross-functional, leadership - you name it. Because my bespoke solutions are completely flexible, I can provide support at the right level. Whether it be group sessions with the team, one to one coaching sessions for team members, or a combination. I'll help you realise the best solution.

So, if you want to:

  • develop key soft skills such as communication, empathy or motivation

  • address stress and wellbeing in the workplace with resilience programmes

  • enable your managers to improve team performance and be better leaders and more coach-like

  • create accountability in your managers to lead more effectively, or

  • build teams that want to hang out after work,

I can create a team building programme that meets your unique requirements, on budget.

Team building to create passionate teams