Vital Skills


This programme is designed to motivate and equip both new and existing people leaders to become more coach-like in their interactions unleashing fresh energy, innovation, and commitment.  


This encourages engagement and ultimately increases performance, productivity and well-being for individuals, teams, and organisations.

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The challenge

There may never have been a time when great leadership is more important. The dynamic world we live in is highlighting, on a daily basis, the vast difference between good and great leaders and organisations.  


Research highlights that the best leaders do not employ just one style of leadership.  They are skilled in several styles, and have the flexibility to switch between approaches as the circumstances dictate.  One of the most effective of these styles is the Coaching approach.


The Vital Skills Manager as Coach programme dispels the myth that managerial coaching takes a lot of time.  Our programme teaches leaders how to have meaningful coach-like conversations in as little as ten minutes.

Programme aims:

  • Give leaders the tools, skills, and motivation to become more coach-like in their interactions.

  • Encourage leaders to ask more, and to tell less, in order to facilitate a higher level of engagement in all interactions

  • Assist leaders to find ways of being that unlocks potential in themselves and others.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”


– Jack Welch

On completion of this programme attendees will:

  • Understand the benefits of a more coach-like mindset

  • Engage in workplace coaching conversations using an easy to use process

  • Know when to, and when not to, have a coaching conversation

  • Be aware of what the research says about the efficacy and frequency of these conversations

  • Be well practised in  a simple coaching conversation framework

  • Understand the core components of great communication

  • Develop a plan to create a coaching habit

The solution

The Vital Skills Manager as Coach programme addresses the challenge of leading and getting the best out of our teams.


Through hundreds of hours of coaching managers in leadership positions, we have come to see, first hand, that success in leading others lies in having a leadership style that flexes according to the needs of the situation and the individual.


The coach-like style of leadership has proven effective in organisations that are focused on the growth and development of their people. It is based on a mindset that empowers others and develops a growth mindset, builds relationships and leads to collective success.

“As human beings, we are not problems waiting to be solved,

but potential waiting to unfold.”


– Frédéric Laloux


Both the programme and our underpinning philosophy reinforce that people have the resources they need to excel, and the role of the leader is to unlock this potential.

Forming a robust coaching habit is essential and results in training that is practical and embedded in day to day work life, rather than just a series of good ideas and concepts. This approach promotes  learning organisations and fosters higher levels of performance and accountability. 

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