It can be challenging to find the “right fit” job, make a career change, or earn that much-desired promotion.


A number of things hold people back in realising their career goals including limiting beliefs, fears or a negative mindset.

Confidence to step out of their comfort zone and belief in self are two of the biggest factors holding them back.

The right mindset is just as important as a great looking resume and cover letter.


Ever wondered how some people seem to navigate through life with ease, while others struggle?

Inner peace is an internal state of calm and tranquility and it is accessible to all.

Through coaching, you experience a vertical shift that transforms the way you see life - leading to an inner state of calm and tranquility.

This state is accessible to all (yes, including you!) 100% of the time with no exceptions.




One of the most important skills required to navigate the complexities of our modern life is resilience.

The ability to bounce back from set back is a key skill that is required in both the modern workplace as well as in our daily lives.

Understanding that resilience is a quality that is within all of us is important to see.  

I help you to reconnect with this inner state of mind so you can bounce back effortlessly and enjoy life to the fullest.


Career Change through


Are you ready for the next step in your career? Maybe it's time to change jobs or find a new path.

Too often we change careers because we’re bored, stuck, or feeling like our jobs are just not as fulfilling as we want them to be. 

Those are all legitimate reasons for change, but what many people overlook is that being bored, stuck, and unfulfilled has less to do with the job and more to do with their inner state of mind.

The way you think and feel underpins how you show up in life.

When you are in a positive state of mind, you feel confident, clear-headed and ready for whatever comes your way.  Colleagues don’t feel so annoying, and you seem to attract customers and clients that are much more friendly and appreciative.

The opposite is also true.


In a low mood, your whole life can look different. 

​​In fact, the outside circumstances of your life don’t need to get in the way.  When you understand how your mind works, you can be more aware of your own mindset and find ways of accessing your inner clarity, confidence and well-being.  This will help you to use your own internal compass that guides you towards the best career choice for you.  It also makes your current work suddenly a lot more enjoyable.


So, before you take the plunge into job hunting and updating your CV, let’s work on YOU first.

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Ruth, Senior PA

I would like to say THANK YOU!

People have noticed a change in me and I put it down to the change in my thought process and perspective.
I’ve told everyone about our coaching and the positive impact it's had on me, and that it was always within me, I just needed some help to bring it out.
And the process we’ve been through for my job hunt has been amazing – I know I wouldn’t have got as far as quickly without your prompting and advice.

Michelle, E-commerce Strategist

Sha is not only a great listener but is also a brilliant facilitator of thoughts. Like many people, when stressed I can find it really difficult to cut through the fog and process things productively. With Sha helping me to navigate my thoughts, ramblings and perceptions we were able to collaboratively put together strategies and tools that continue to help me work towards my goals. 


I have worked with other coaches previously and the huge point of difference with Sha is in the detail. She was fully and completely engaged with me, my work environment, so our coaching sessions felt bespoke and personalised. Would 100% recommend'

Chris, Risk Analyst

I found Sha to be very useful not only in terms of asking open-ended questions to help me make a decision but also to deal with situations in my current workplace as well as personal life.  She is very understanding, non-judgemental, and is always there is help no matter what.


I am happy to say that I have now made the decision to change my career which seems to have lifted a weight off my shoulders.  I would highly recommend Sha to anyone who is stuck in a rut in terms of changing careers or just simply needs someone to help them advance in their career.


Inner Freedom

through Self-Mastery

Inner peace, that state of internal calm and tranquility.

Inner peace is not a state of passivity and certainly does not make life dull. On the contrary, it makes you more conscious, alive and happy. It helps you live life more fully.


Also referred to as peace of mind, it is a state of being that is mentally and spiritually at peace.  Being 'at peace' is considered by many to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious.

Are you addicted to thinking?  Do you suffer with a monkey mind?  The truth is we all live in an internal mental world that we are creating through our experience, from moment to moment.  With enough knowledge and understanding, you can keep yourself strong in the face of discord or stress.

The Inner Peace through Self Mastery Programme will help you understand how life works and in doing so, life becomes more effortless and purposeful. 


The programme allows you to reconnect with your innate well-being. Old narratives and habits fall away, your ability to be present and connect with yourself and those around you increases. The peaks and troughs of the game of life don't disappear, but your internal transformation enables you to see them in a totally new light and handle them with more ease. 

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Resilience through Self-Mastery

Dealing with change or loss is an inevitable part of life. At some point, everyone experiences varying degrees of setbacks.


Some of these challenges might be relatively minor, while others are disastrous on a much larger scale. How we deal with these problems can play a significant role in not only the outcome but also the long-term psychological consequences.

Our Resilience through Self Mastery Programme will help you to deal with anything that life brings your way.  Through a simple understanding of how your mind works, you will start to have less on your mind, which frees you up from the mental bonds that keep us stuck.


This understanding will have an impact on every area of your life, including your ability to recover from setbacks.

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Resilience, the ability to bounce back from set back and rise above your situation is a vital skill in the modern world. 


Now more than ever we are recognising that individuals that are able to reflect, learn, and grow from their experiences maintain more balance and well-being.

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