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The volatile and constantly changing current world of work needs leaders that are decisive, confident and know where they are going.  

This programme is designed to support people leaders that:

  • struggle with the ‘’people side’’ of work, developing trust, influencing others and getting the best out of their team

  • have blindspots and beliefs that may be getting in the way of their success

  • find it difficult to motivate themselves and regulate their emotions

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The challenge

Leadership is a “people business” and emotional intelligence is the missing link.  Better working relationships lead to better business outcomes.  Increasing emotional intelligence helps leaders know themselves and use their own strengths — and work with people more effectively.  

Leaders with high EQ are more likely to make better decisions, engage and influence more effectively, and create ta positive working environment.


Emotions are central to effective leadership because emotions move people.


In times of challenge, real leadership is required.  That means understanding how people really work.


Latest research on EQ in business reveals


Numerous studies show that salespeople with higher emotional intelligence generate higher sales. Intelligent use of emotion seems to be a driver of trustworthy relationships.


To increase employee retention, managers need the skills to connect effectively with their people. In addition, emotional intelligence appears to be a major determinant of star performance.


Leaders with higher EQ make more effective decisions and build better relationships. Leader EQ appears to be a key differentiator in creating employee engagement.

Programme aims:

  • Provide people leaders with a benchmark of their current EQ strengths and areas for development

  • Understanding of the importance of emotions and neuroscience of emotions and the mind

  • Learn useful strategies to manage emotions

  • Personalised coaching and goal setting

  • Assist leaders to embed new, useful leadership behaviours in their day to day work life

“No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book smarts,

but my experience says it is actually more

important in the making of a leader.


You just can’t ignore it.”


– Jack Welch, Wall Street Journal

On completion of this programme you will recognise:

  • measurable increase in the understanding of your own emotions and how they are generated

  • appreciation of the power of emotions and how they impact others

  • noticeable improvements in wellbeing, relationships, decision-making, and performance

Programme components

Boost your self-confidence and professional effectiveness by being smart with your emotions.

1. Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Comprehensive, online assessment

  • Provides baseline data on performance in various professional settings. 


The results help determine strengths and next steps.  

2. Workshop or 1:1 learning session on EQ and mindset

This session facilitates deep learning to enhance knowledge and skills.  Sessions run in either small groups or personalised to the individual, equipping participants with an understanding that is the basis of EQ in leadership

Participants leave the workshop knowing how emotions are generated and how to apply this new capability back on the job.  Topics such as growth mindset and the neuroscience of emotions.


3. Personalised Coaching & Mentoring

Address your unique challenges and goals with a confidential, trusted advisor and professional coach.

  • Personalise the learning to specific challenges experienced in the workplace

  • Equip with tools to confidently handle a variety of situations.

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