I support you to develop your

confidence, communication and emotional intelligence

to lead with more ease and clarity


Multiple studies confirm that coach-like leaders experience better team engagement, higher productivity, greater employee performance and retention.


Through a hands-on, practical Programme, managers learn an easy to use model, powerful questions and solid habits to implement a coaching approach.


Most importantly, they develop a coach-like mindset which empowers others and develops learning and a growth-focused organisation.


Ready to transition from an individual contributor to leading a team?  Or looking to move into a more demanding leadership role?​

Even top-performing leaders struggle with challenges such as imposter syndrome (I feel like I'm faking being a leader), the isolation trap (it's lonely at the top) and the emptiness trap (I have everything I want but I still feel empty/bored).

Coaching addresses your specific challenges by letting go of limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns and supports you to achieve your career goals. 


The technical skills that helped secure your first promotion might not guarantee your next.


If you aspire to be in a leadership role, there’s an emotional element you need to consider. It’s what helps you successfully coach teams, manage stress, deliver feedback, and collaborate with others.

The 'Leading Others with EQ' programme enables both executives and managers to gain vital skills and self-awareness to develop their own EQ and that of others.

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What's your leadership score?


I partner with small business owners to support them to grow themselves and their business

Leadership, EQ & Mindset

Visionary leaders today understand that the nature of work has changed. Their most talented employees are looking for two key elements:

Work that matters—a sense of purpose and service, and
Opportunities at work for personal and professional development

And if both elements are not present, those employees are more likely to change companies than they are to simply change jobs. And, as always, the determining factors are the company culture and its managers.

Multiple studies confirm that leaders who coach their teams enjoy more engagement, higher productivity and retention, and greater employee performance. Teams are better equipped to overcome challenges, reach aspirational goals, build self-confidence and be more solutions focussed. We note that many more businesses are including ‘coaching’ in managerial and supervisory job descriptions.

Research on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership conclude that a leader's mood and associated behaviours affect bottom-line performance.  Studies also show a direct link between measurable business skills and emotional intelligence.


Great managers are:

  • self-aware

  • empathetic

  • open-minded, and

  • optimistic.


They demonstrate capabilities like:

  • self-confidence and self-initiative

  • resilience

  • staying cool under stress

  • empathy

  • powerful communication

  • collaboration and

  • teamwork, which all make for better business results.


They can handle complicated social interactions, manage conflict situations and discipline employees while maintaining high team morale. 

The benefits of emotional intelligence development occur within and outside of the workplace. Relationships improve, stress reduces, change occurs more efficiently and performance increases.


The Vital Skills Manager as Coach and Leading with Emotional Intelligence programmes

address these challenges.


Through hundreds of hours of coaching managers in leadership positions, we have come to see that success in leading others lies in having a leadership style that flexes according to the needs of the situation and the individual. It is also highly dependent on some key leadership competencies.

Both programmes, along with 1:1 Performance Coaching supports you to develop your leadership skills to benefit both yourself and your organisation.

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"Sha was empathetic while at the same time able to ask challenging questions that prompted me to think more critically about my own beliefs and perceptions.


Our work together helped crystalise my thinking and gave me a clearer direction. I found the whole experience useful but also a valuable space to evaluate and reflect on my leadership." 

Carol, Senior Leader (Education)

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