"Going through the process of looking and applying for jobs doesn't feel so daunting.  I feel happy in my current job, even though I'm ready for a change, whenever this will be.  I have found the coaching sessions with you have made me think a lot clearer, and really go after what I want."

Alice Turner

(download full case study in PDF)



"Hi Sha. Just thought I'd give an update on my current situation. I ended up working for [deleted business name] from September then applied for a relationship manager role with [deleted business name] and managed to get the position. I started this week. I just wanted to say a big thank you! You really helped me at a time when I was struggling with a lot."

Nigel King




I cannot speak highly enough of Sha as a coach. I was seeking a coach to help me gain confidence and clarity as I worked through a career change. Working with Sha I was able to develop a fantastic CV and cover letter. The most valuable part of our coaching was Sha’s ability to give me great confidence to trust my gut instinct and back myself to take the best career opportunity for me. I highly recommend working with Sha, especially if you are looking to gain more clarity and confidence in a large personal or work decision.

Francie Turner

"I would like to say THANK YOU!

People have noticed a change in me and I put it down to the change in my thought process and perspective.
I’ve told everyone about our coaching and the positive impact it's had on me, and that it was always within me, I just needed some help to bring it out.
And the process we’ve been through for my job hunt has been amazing – I know I wouldn’t have got as far as quickly without your prompting and advice."
Ruth T, Senior Personal Assistant

I found Sha to be very useful not only in terms of asking open-ended questions to help me make a decision but also to deal with situations in my current workplace as well as personal life.  She is very understanding, non-judgemental, and is always there is help no matter what.


I am happy to say that I have now made the decision to change my career which seems to have lifted a weight off my shoulders.  I would highly recommend Sha to anyone who is stuck in a rut in terms of changing careers or just simply needs someone to help them advance in their career.

Chris D, Risk Analyst

'I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sha. The combination of her character and coaching structure made for a hugely productive programme.


Sha is not only a great listener but is also a brilliant facilitator of thoughts. Like many people, when stressed I can find it really difficult to cut through the fog and process things productively. With Sha helping me to navigate my thoughts, ramblings and perceptions we were able to collaboratively put together strategies and tools that continue to help me work towards my goals. 


I have worked with other coaches previously and the huge point of difference with Sha is in the detail. She was fully and completely engaged with me, my work environment, so our coaching sessions felt bespoke and personalised. Would 100% recommend'

Michelle S, E-commerce Strategist
"I was fortunate to be paired with Sha Perera for six weeks of leadership coaching.
Sha provided for me an ideal blend of theory and practicality that provided rationale and suggestions for actions.
She is an exceptional listener which enabled her to quickly grasp my particular work context. This meant Sha was empathetic while at the same time able to ask challenging questions that prompted me to think more critically about my own beliefs and perceptions.
Our work together helped crystalise my thinking gave me a clearer direction. I found the whole experience useful but also a valuable space to evaluate and reflect on my leadership."
Carol J, Senior Leader

Sha is an amazing coach to work with. She is professional and yet very personable at the same time. With her active listening skills, excellent motivational technique, Sha was to steer me towards what I really needed in the short term. I was able to work on some of my goals in such a short space of time. Thank you Sha for your timely support.

Shanthi Krishnasamy

"It has been an incredible process working with Sha.  I knew she had a special gift after our first session together where carefully selected questions turned my ramblings into clear and concise new learning.
She is encouraging and kind and by the end of our session, I am always left feeling so light and positive and looking forward to the next time we chat.
I can highly recommend Sha!"
Katherine Sullivan

"If you're looking for a coach, or you're feeling 'stuck' in some way, I would highly recommend Sha. She’s relaxed, friendly, and down to earth making her very easy to talk to. I instantly forget she's a professional coach because the conversation is so natural and not at all formulaic. She's a highly skilled listener and asks the most amazing questions that really get me thinking.

With Sha's help, I've had several self-realisations and have been able to address true core issues and genuinely move forward (with a little bit of support and encouragement from Sha!)."


Anna Larras




"I truly enjoyed working with Sha.  Her passionate, warm and genuine nature makes it easy to open up and talk to her. I particularly like her nurturing and uplifting approach, which creates a platform for personal growth.  Highly recommended!"


Jacyntha Sirrimane




"Sha's skills and experience make her an excellent coach.  During our coaching sessions I have felt comfortable and clear on my new path transformation."


Belky Angulo Escalona



"As a first-time business owner I decided to look into business coaching and I came across Sha and I am so glad I did.  I was slightly apprehensive going into it as I still have a lot to learn but Sha's warm and friendly nature instantly put me at ease.


I have found her fantastic to work with and her coaching and motivation have been hugely beneficial for me and my business.I've really enjoyed working on my goals together and getting the business side of the salon in order.


Sha's knowledge and guidance helped me to grow in confidence as a business owner and employer and I highly recommend her."


Lisa Brewer, Salon Owner



"I have worked with Sha over a 10 week period, during which time we have worked on a number of issues with my business and strategies for moving forward.


It has been an enlightening period during which time Sha has helped me with weak spots in both myself and my business and given good sound advice on how to work on these.


Sha has done an excellent job of playing Devil’s Advocate and asking the awkward questions without overstepping the line and making me feel in any way insecure or inferior. She has helped me to find resolutions to a number of issues and some of which were glaringly obvious but I only discovered thanks to Sha’s questioning approach.


At the end of my time working with Sha, I had a new lease of life on my business and my drive to move ahead had been well and truly renewed. Her friendly and knowledgeable approach coached me through each step as we moved forward and developed ideas which have helped me to better plan the future moves which I am going to take.


My business is and will be better in the future thanks to the time spent with Sha and I am sure that I will call on her again in the future as the need arises."


Craig Wise, PT Business Owner

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