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"My coaching philosophy centres on partnership. 
You and me. 
We work together to create positive, sustainable change so you can achieve your highest potential 
in life and work"
 Coaching is a powerful process that supports you to get from A to B
more quickly than going it on your own"
- Sha Perera 


Sha Perera is an Auckland-based professional coach, working with individuals and organisations to progress careers and enhance leadership effectiveness through the development of Emotional Intelligence competencies.




Sha is Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) with over 20 years of experience in Communications and Marketing, Education and Business Management.


When coaching and mentoring others, Sha draws from her own personal experience in making bold career changes and her background as a leader growing thriving teams.  She transitioned from a role as a marketing executive into a communications advisory position and then pivoted 180 degrees and retrained to enter the education sector.  This move was driven by strong values to work alongside others and create a meaningful impact, and this led her into a career in coaching.  

Through her experience in leadership, Sha realised that leaders are rarely born and that coaching to develop leadership effectiveness is fundamental to success. 


With her business background, she supports organisations to maintain a healthy workplace culture and improve engagement, supports individuals with wellbeing and resilience, works with new and emerging leaders to improve their leadership confidence, communication and emotional intelligence and works with individuals to progress their careers.




There is no greater joy for me than

seeing you reconnect with your own

wisdom, potential and power!

- Sha





As a trusted advisor, Sha's approach looks at the 'whole person' integrating your personal and professional life, creating transformational change that is holistic and sustainable.  Her coaching is a strengths-based approach which is grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience. 

Sha coaches leaders on a range of EQ competencies and she is passionate about enhancing resilience and adaptability in order to navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of work!  This is especially important in terms of preparing leaders for the challenges ahead.

Through a process that raises your self-awareness and provokes insightful thinking, Sha co-creates a partnership that enables you to identify clearly what you want to achieve, removes the obstacles and limiting beliefs to success and create action steps and accountability to realise your vision.



Sha describes herself as a life long learner and she continually works towards her own personal and professional growth. 


Her area of expertise is in leadership and workplace coaching, including:


  • career progression and transition into leadership roles

  • wellbeing and resilience

  • emotional intelligence, communication, adaptability, and resilience

  • improving team engagement and workplace culture



Your unique attributes and determination got you to this point. 


Sha's professional support will move you forward.  


"One of the most rewarding things about coaching is watching the growth of my client's confidence and capacity to create the results they want."

- Sha