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"My coaching philosophy centers on partnership. 
You and me. 
We work together to create positive, sustainable change so you can achieve your highest potential 
in life and work"

Sha Perera is a professional coach and facilitator based in Auckland, NZ.

Sha supports technically savvy professionals and entrepreneurs to:

- advance their careers

- improve their leadership skills and

- create emotionally friendly workplaces where people engage, thrive and adapt effectively to the changing world of work.

Sha has worked with individuals primarily in the legal and tech sectors, both in New Zealand and abroad. Her clients include small to medium-sized businesses as well as large international corporations such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sha believes that by developing a growth mindset and emotional intelligence in leaders, everybody wins! She is a huge believer in developing the self-confidence to be authentic and build trust with others thereby creating workplaces with high levels of well-being and psychological safety.

Growth and continual learning are key values, and as a fully certified professional coach, Sha combines her expertise in coaching with a sound knowledge of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, communications, organisational development and business acumen.

Sha's mission is to make it easy for everyone to grow in their careers, unlock their potential, and achieve greater happiness at work.

Services provided include:

  • developing emotional intelligence

  • building leadership competencies and a growth mindset

  • career progression from individual contributor to team leader/middle manager

  • improving team performance

  • creating motivated, resilient, high performing teams

  • developing communication and teamwork

  • increasing well-being and resilience in the workplace


Rather than a broad-brush training approach, she offers personalised 1:1 coaching via face-to-face sessions (or online).  She also facilitates workshops on Emotional Intelligence, including topics such as self-awareness, behavioural agility, resilience and developing trust.  

The solutions are tailor-made to the individual/organisation and their specific challenges and include pre/post evaluation to measure progress and achieve the desired results for the business.

 Coaching is a powerful process that supports you to get from A to B
more quickly than going it on your own"
- Sha Perera 



As a trusted advisor, Sha's approach looks at the 'whole person' integrating your personal and professional life, creating transformational change that is holistic and sustainable.  Her coaching is a strengths-based approach which is grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience. 

Sha coaches leaders on a range of EQ competencies and she is passionate about enhancing resilience and adaptability in order to navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of work!  This is especially important in terms of preparing leaders for the challenges ahead.

Through a process that raises your self-awareness and provokes insightful thinking, Sha co-creates a partnership that enables you to identify clearly what you want to achieve, removes the obstacles and limiting beliefs to success and create action steps and accountability to realise your vision.



Sha describes herself as a life long learner and she continually works towards her own personal and professional growth. 


Her area of expertise is in leadership and workplace coaching, including:


  • career progression and transition into leadership roles

  • wellbeing and resilience

  • emotional intelligence, communication, adaptability, and resilience

  • improving team engagement and workplace culture